YXXAN - Stockholm, Sweden: One Woman Black Metal Project From Corpse Torture Records

Sweden is a music mecca for doom, death metal and black metal so it isn't shocking we feature so many incredible Swedish women. Black metal is one genera that we don't see as many women as we'd like, but we also understand it is a very niche musical taste. Obviously when we do hear women involved in black metal we get excited and want to share our find. This brings us to Yxxan. I have no idea how to pronounce it and the name of the album, Inverterat Korståg, is clearly also something my upstate New York accent doesn't want to butcher. Nonetheless, the entire album (instruments and vocals) was recorded by the woman known as Morbid Aggressor. She also did the artwork on the 4-song cassette that was released June 1st from Corpse Torture Records. It was limited to 5, so it is sold out. You can listen to/purchase it digitally on the bandcamp page.

I wish I had more to tell you about this awesome force of female nature but there is very little information available. This isn't unusual for the artist in Black Metal so we will just sit back and enjoy the sounds of hell that she creates. More info at the links below.



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