WOMEN OF DOOM - The New Compilation Highlighting Women's Domination in Doom Metal - Out Today!

Women of Doom is the combined project between Blues Funeral Recordings and Desert Records. Its creation is to highlight, recognize, and celebrate the impact of female artists on all things heavy. Everything from the artwork, vinyl pressings and of course the music, has a women behind it.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to write some liner notes on this project, which features some of my favorite women in metal. Doom has always been one of the very few music genera that embrace women. When this project was announced there were a lot of questions as to if this was a project "exploiting" women. I can say with full certainty after working with the labels and speaking to many of the women involved, this project is a celebration of women. The efforts that have gone into the making of this compilation have been out of respect and admiration.

Be sure to check out the interview with Gwyn from Frayle and the interview with Sarah and Kim from The Otolith. I got to chat a bit about this compilation with these incredible women who are featured on the album. This marks the first official track that The Otolith have released since the breakup of SubRosa. The other amazing women involved are Mlny Parsonz (of Royal Thunder), Amy Tung-Barrysmith (of Year of the Cobra), Nighthawk and Heavy Temple, The Keening (Rebecca Vernon of SubRosa), Besvarjelsen, Doomstress Alexis and Deathbell.

Several different versions of the album are available via both record labels (listed below) as well as bundles. This has been an incredible project to work with and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!



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