Updated: Jan 7, 2019


Welcome to Hear She Roars! The long overdue media outlet and blog that is dedicated to women musicians and artist in the punk rock and heavy metal scenes.

Dedicated as a resources for women who love punk rock and heavy metal so that they have a place to learn about current women in the scenes who deserve the attention that the male dominated media outlets tend to ignore.

You will find everything from interviews, features on artist (new and old), tours dates, music and movie reviews, nutrition and exercise information, beauty and fashion features, social awareness content, and anything else we decide to talk about. All content will be focused on women. All bands featured will have at least one female in the band. We believe in empowering the future women who want to be in rock n roll. We hope to be a place they can come and find inspiration and knowledge on women who otherwise they may not get a change to learn about.

Coming Soon

In the spirit of old headbangers ball episodes, we are in the process of creating a monthly Hear She Roars video show. Hosted by the beautiful Katy Izrzaay, this show will be a mix of music videos from current and past underground women artist/musicians. Katy will also be the dedicated host, interviewer, and all around ambassador for the Hear She Roars team. We hope you tune in and become part of our girl gang!

We are always looking to learn about artist (past and present), looking for contributors and hearing feedback. Please fill out the contact form if you have something to say or are interested in joining the team.

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