WEDNESDAY: QUEENS OF NOISE - Runaways Tribute Band (Nashville)

Hold the phone and stop the presses. We need to discuss Queens of Noise from Nashville. Yes, the group started out as a cover band for their idols, The Runaways, but that was just the start. Now the band has transitioned into their own material as well as covers. Why am I so excited about this? Well, if you can't tell they are like 15 and younger. Much like the Runaways, these ladies are starting their careers young and their videos blew me away.

Seeing young women empowered onstage, looking and acting like complete professionals and dedicating themselves to their craft is inspiring. If you happen to be in Nashville this September 21st, please do yourself the favor of seeing and supporting these badasses. They will be performing at Grimeys's in celebration of the reissue on vinyl of the Runaways' first two groundbreaking albums as well as the birthdays of founding Runaways members Lita Ford (born on Sept. 19) and Joan Jett (born Sept. 22)!

Something tells me much like Lita and Joan, this is just the beginning of these young ladies careers.

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