VORLUST - Oakland California's Beast Metal. A combined ugly sound of Death, Thrash and Black Metal.

I love doing this blog for a million reasons but one in particular is discussing bands that mainstream media ignores. I have to give credit to Alejandra from Sangreal records who first introduced me to the band Bonestripper (they are for another day, but assure they are amazing). I ended up stalking all the members on Instagram. From there I discovered one of the members has another project, Vorlust. If the word "filth" had a sound, just blast the Vorlust 4-song EP and you'll understand.

The three piece features Cannus (spoiler alert - not her real name), who does the growling and bass. She fronts the band like a true metal warrior. Speaking of warrior - they also dress like they are in the movie Conan the Barbarian which they pull off a lot better than present day Manowar.

If you love black metal or blackened thrash, this is your jam. The band plays around Oakland and has shared the stage with HSR alumni Ugly and fellow black metal band Axaximander. They have videos on their Instagram you should definitely check out. I am just waiting for some bozo at Decibel to find out about them and pretend like its their newest discovery. Just remember where ya heard of them first!

This band rips. Don't fuck up, go listen now.


Instagram @vorlustbeastmetal

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