VIVA DECONCINI - One of Our Favorite Rock N Roll Queens Returns for her 4th Studio Album

Viva DeConcini is an incredible guitar player, singer, song writer and all-around queen of rock n roll. She takes influences from Jimi Hendrix, Dolly Parton, disco and NYC. She hails from Brooklyn and has played jazz festivals, sells out her shows all over, has been in guitar player magazine and has even worked in NYC theater.

On Viva's fourth studio album, Living Well is the Best Revenge, she tackles issues from body image to lesbian sex. She has also released a 10-episode podcast called I Love Oliva. In this queer musical tragicomedy she explains stories behind her some of her songs, the characters and relationships she has had.

Viva takes on rockabilly, rock n roll, old jazz, and modern women's issues. Her songs are upbeat, sexy, humorous and she can play a mean guitar. We feature a lot of very heavy acts on this blog but sometimes we just need pure glam rock n roll. For that, Viva fills our void.

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