VIRTUAL DOOM - New EP Out Now From Indonesia's Powerviolence Punks!

We have highlighted some great bands from Indonesia (Check out Lefty Fish if you haven't already). And now the time has come to introduce you to Virtual Doom. The trio of hardcore punks, fronted by the energetic Fika, has been creating music since 2013. At the end of 2018 they released a demo which is now being followed up by an EP titled Traped Waste. The production and sound on this is awesome which is always important when trying to re-create such an energetic band via studio magic. They also cover Greedy Mouth's "I Thirst Tea" and do it great justice. Fans of hardcore punk and powerviolence will love this band.

In talking about the new EP, the band had this to say:

The TRAPPED WASTE EP is a story that tells about the pseudo reality that brought disaster to some groups of people such as unseen traps, unconsciously changing the mindset to the level of acute erection justification that they consider essential. Pseudo existence becomes opium, image becomes a control to be recognized in the special caste standard of social life. Mutual silence when they feel defeated in a social media war silences each other over the truth that appears when it wins and everything is around us, me, you, us, and you.

Wow. Follow the band on Bandcamp and Instagram.

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