VILE CREATURE - New Album from the Doom Metal Duo June 19th!

Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! is the name of the new album dropping June 19th from the self proclaimed "angry queer gloom cult." For those who aren't familiar, Vile Creature is composed of two musicians, Kyle and Vic. Vegan, animal rights, trans/queer rights, and anti-oppressive messages have been the bands fight since their first release in 2015. The music is slow, heavy, dark and mystic. From what we can hear on the new album, it doesn't disappoint. Think of a slow fall into the depths of hell and their song When the Path is Unclear playing as you burn alive.

Vile Creature aren't just a band, they are an experience. Listening to their music takes you places, sometimes ugly places, but you always feel something when you listen to them. We can only hope the pandemic ends soon so we can see the experience in the flesh. The live experience can not be captured in a recording but the new album does a great job capturing the vibe. The new album is being released on Prosthetic records, which is the perfect home for them. 2 thumbs up.

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