VIDEO PREMIERE - "Hateful" from Australian Metal-Goth Rockers ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENT

I get a lot of requests to showcase bands but not everyone can make the cut (sorry). So, I was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted by Syndney's Accidental President. The goth-metal band has such a unique sound that showcases their diverse influences from Queen to Sisters of Mercy. Singer Bethany has a raw vocal style that reminds me of fellow Aussie Brody Dalle. They also play into theatrics which I love because how boring is music these days? Its fun rock n roll, and I know readers will enjoy it. I've attached more info on them for you to fall in love.....

"This summer has seen nothing shy of endless momentum from Australian rockers Accidental President. After their debut, self-titled album release on July 1st, Accidental President has been hard at work to bring consistent, quality content to fans. Every song and every music video taking a stance and uplifting the underdog. 

You’ve seen this act pour every ounce of themselves into their work, bringing forth riveting emotion with the music videos for singles “Rotten Child” and “Last Breath.” Accidental President tells the story of the beaten down and damned, and their latest music video for single “Hateful” showcases the strength in being disparaged. 

“Hateful - Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Targeted for your appearance. Taken advantage of. Attacked for being who you are. Held against your will. Disrespected. Objectified. Depersonalised. Brutalised. Dehumanised. But this time, YOU get to have the last say. A song of strength in desperation inspired by the testimony of an escaped abductee #respect #hateful- Accidental President

You can feel the strength course through the song with showstopping guitar work that grabs your attention and the power and grit behind Bethany Neville’s vocals. Accidental President is an unstoppable force, prepared to make their story heard across the globe. Don’t miss out on your chance to cast your vote for Accidental President."

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