VALIUM IBAHELL - Hardcore Crust Punk from Columbia - New Album Out Now

Something about the Colombians is that they don't fuck around. They have excelled in drugs, coffee and now crust punk. Valium Ibahell have been making crusty grindcore since 2012. The three piece features one badass babe on bass named Juliana Montesino (she also shares vocal duties). They have just released their second full length titled ANIMALES. In some parts of the album it has elements of blackened thrash, other parts is pure hardcore crust punk, and some other parts feel like old school death metal. I guess if I had to describe it in one word it would be aggressive. This band rules and even if everything is in Spanish and I don't understand a word, I can feel the energy. In the end, thats what grind-core is all about. Aggressive energy.

instagram @Valium_Ibahell

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