VAGINA WITCHCRAFT - A Music Revolution You Need to Hear! New Album Out Now!

Now that I have your attention, Vagina Witchcraft hail from Manitoba, Canada and are SO MUCH MORE than just a crazy name. I'll be honest, when I came across the name on Bandcamp, I was expecting it to be a bunch of basement losers in a death metal band. Never did I imagine the revolution in my eardrums and I am SO FOR IT. It is my duty to share this incredible find with my readers.

Vagina Witchcraft is lead by non-binary vocalist Kayla Fernandes. The four-piece band describe themselves as doom-metal-hardcore-punk which is accurate and confusing but trust me, they got this. The intro off their new live album starts off with Kayla in a rageful speech screaming that they are not your sassy black friend. From there the album goes into the song Mercury which is a doom based hardcore- punk track that showcases the live energy the band transcends into the audience. The tracks subject matters ranges from mental health,depression, heartbreak & anger. Kayla is also an activist and poet which makes sense when you hear their awesome stage presence. There is an authenticity to this band but also something revolutionary that I expect to be something that others catch onto in the new year.

We need Vagina Witchcraft right now more than ever.

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