Up To No Good - New 7 song EP from Sweden's RADIUM GRRRLS

We've spoke about Radium Grrrrls before, the Swedish powerviolence group who have no problem telling the world how they feel. The end of June the band celebrated their release of UP TO NO GOOD which features power anthems like "No Violence" and "Time to Grind." Who says hardcore is just for the boys?

Vocalist Emilia Henriksson is technically the only grrrl in the band, but she says enough for an entire race of women. And in case you didn't know what an actual Radium Girl was, this is the meaning:

Radium Girls were female American factory workers who suffered from radiation poisoning after working with radium paint during and after World War I. They were women who fell ill or even died, bodies still glowing in their coffins. They were also women who organized themselves and decided to fight their employers. Their struggle had a groundbreaking impact on labor rights.

Listen below and follow the band on Facebook.


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