TWIN TEMPLE - Satanic Feminism in the Form of 60's Style Rock N Roll.

If there was an award for merchandising, I am giving it to Los Angeles's Twin Temple. It took me a minute on their website to realize that this was not just a band. They also have a store which supplies things like candles, cauldrons, and their own signature blood red lipstick. The entire store has a theme which is their dedication to Satanism. Anyone who actually knows about the religion knows that it is based in the idea of what it means to free the oppressed, fight back against dated and binary ways of thinking, and doing it all while hailing the dark lord himself. I digress.

From the outside, and given the style of merch, I was expecting a heavy stoner type doom band. Pleasantly surprised, I was taken back in time to the days of soda pop diners and saddle shoes. Trumpets, backup singers, and beautiful melody all compiled to sing worship to Satan. They have managed to sing about him and make it sound - dare I say - innocent? Singer Alexandra James has a voice reminiscent to Peggy Lee and you could put them on the juke box at any sock-hop and no one would bat an eye. This band is onto something and I am annoyed it took me this long to find out about them. Follow the links below and fall in love.

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