TURKEY VULTURE - The Metal Duo are Back with new EP "Time to Pay"

I've been a fan of Turkey Vulture since the start of the blog and they are one of those bands that just keeps getting better. The Connecticut duo of Jessie and Jim released their new EP last week and it is heavy as fuck. I knew it would be good, but the riffage on this record is raw and furious. From the first track, Lost At Sea, which is like a spoken word read over melodic heaviness to the final track, Old Nick, which sounds like a folk story on acid. The duo has always had a hint of Americana in them which is refreshing because that is something that is unique to them. Sometimes metal can start to get repetitive and bands tend to release new versions of their old records. Turkey Vulture has such a uniqueness to their sound that it never gets boring. They have managed to do with 2 people what a band of 5 people can't even do: put out consistent, interesting, heavy work. That is talent. Listen to a track below and follow the links to hear more from the band.

Time to Pay is available now.



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