TOWER - Classic Metal from NYC New EP "Tomorrow and Yesterday."

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the person whom introduced me to Tower was Stacey Savage when she posted the bands new video on her Facebook. Tower and Savage Master have a similar style but also very different at the same time. New York's Tower features singer Sarabeth Linder who once fronted the Dio tribute, Holy Diva. She can sing, she has style, and she can get the crowd actively moving along with her while the band performs. It also features drummer Claire Vastola who fronts another HSR alumni, Subversive Rite.

Tower has a 2016 self titled release from The End Records. They are currently about to release their new EP which is available for pre-order here. Revolver recently reviewed the EP and said this about them:

Sure, Tower's sound is from a bygone era — nodding to classic heavy-metal heroes like Priest, Scorpions, Crüe, W.A.S.P. and Dio — but that actually makes their approach all the more impressive as they lean in on those influences yet stay smelling minty fresh the whole time.

For the record, we love W.A.S.P. and are thrilled to see some women up on stage saluting the era but in a current but not trendy way. You can catch Tower on October 20th at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn supporting none other than metal icon Bitch. Watch their video below for "Run for my Life."

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