TINES - Blending 70s Hard Rock, Blues and Metal. Listen to "Thin Blue Line" now!

As a Buffalo New York native, I knew that when Glenn Szymanski asked me to check out his band Tines, it was probably going to be awesome. I was right. Glenn is a longtime staple in the music scene there, previously in hardcore/thrash bands like Support and No Reason. I know Glenn is one of those musicians who can enjoy any genre so hearing he was now doing a 70s rock-inspired band didn't shock me. Tines features vocalist Kelly Murphy and keyboard/guitarist Arrow Fitzgibbons, along with Eddie Pearsall on drums and Mike Hermann on bass. The band takes your ears on a musical revival of a time when you could actually dance to hard rock. Influences I personally heard was everything from Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest to Primus and Faith No More.

You know the songs are good when you want to hear more, which is exactly what happened. I even went online and watched a performance from their YouTube channel and wasn't surprised to see they were able to pull everything off just like on the album.

The 7-inch from the band features 2 songs, but these two songs are better than 80% of music that is around nowadays. Collectively the band has 60 years experience and it shows through their songwriting and their ability to craft songs that get stuck in your head and put you in a good mood. I am leaving the song "Thin Blue Line" for your listening pleasure but I promise you will want to hear more (links to do that are below). I guess Rock n Roll isn't really dead.




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