THURSDAY: THE RUCAS (Female Punk Tribute Band)

The Rucas are a punk cover band out of California who don't just stick to covering one band. They have everyone from Bikini Kill to The Clash in their setlist. The five ladies have also decided to donate 100% of their sales to non-profit organizations that they believe in. I found it best on their official facebook page to explain when they posted the following:

We have been wanting to start a band together for years, but time was never on our side; our schedules were so busy & have always clashed. Finally, that itch to play punk music got so strong it couldn’t be ignored anymore! We made it happen & this project has become not only a rekindled sister-hood but something we all truly have a passion for. This band has filled a void that we didn’t know we had. We had an idea & turned it into reality; the top image was just a sketch/idea & it has now become a part of who we are. We encourage you all to do & make time for what makes you happy! If it seems impossible, just think of us & we hope to motivate you to make shit happen.

If that isn't awesome enough, the guitarist does Alice Bag's makeup.

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