THE SEWER CATS - Garage Cat-Punk Dedicated to Smashing the Patriarchy!

Hell Hath No Fury Records never runs out of great bands to release. That is why when I got an email about their upcoming release from the band The Sewer Cats, I was immediately intrigued. The duo hails from Manchester and their fuzz blend of garage punk is like a combination of The Stooges and Bikini Kill. They really, really love cats (who doesn't?) so I find this release to be perfect timing considering I just finished watching Tiger King.

The new release is called Zelda, which is named after their cat. It is a follow up to their 3-song demo which was released last year. It is set for release on April 3rd and will be 7 songs. The first single, Fool, shows off the eccentric and aggressive vocals that show off the bands uniqueness.

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