THE GO-DEVILS - Surf Style Garage Rock from Osaka, Japan!

The Go-Devils are a breath of fresh air when it comes to music. The three-piece band hail from Japan and have been rocking since 1993. As you can imagine, they have a huge following and no surprise because they sound like they could be straight out of the 1960's. Their combination of Dick Dale style surf guitar along with the garage rock style reminiscent of early Kinks makes them the perfect party music. They could easily be on the soundtrack to a Russ Meyers film. They also have the classic 60's stage style as if they walked out of the London mod scene. Above all, they can play. Music speaks for itself! Here is a Motorhead cover to show you just how badass they are. Lemmy probably loved it!

The Go-Devils are:

Howlin’ Cat MOMO : Guitar, Vocal Born Mad RITZ : Bass, Vocal Little JENNY Blue : Drums, Vocal

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