THE GLAM SKANKS - L.A.'s Glam Goddesses Are Bringing Glitz and Glory Back to Rock N Roll

If you are missing the days of sleaze, glam clothing, glitter, and hard rock then you are going to love The Glam Skanks. They've been serving us rock n roll since 2013 and they hail from the home of the 80s glam scene, Los Angeles. This ain’t your dads cock rock though.

These four ladies can play better than most of those dudes any day. They take inspiration from the masters of glam like Bowie and The New York dolls. They also love the classic rockers like Aerosmith and The Runaways. Their latest album is a hard rock lovers dream. With song titles like “Bad Bitch” and “Teenage Drag Queen” you can imagine how much fun their music is. Their latest endeavor took them on tour with Adam Fucking Ant which is literally my dream. So go listen and support cause these girls are carrying the banner of true rock n roll. Somewhere on the strip, Gazzarri is smiling from above.

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