The Devil's Hands - New Song from Argentina's Resident Warlocks WICCA

We can't ever get enough witches in music, and the latest release from Buenos Aires, Argentina's Wicca is prime example. The track titled The Devil's Hands is their contribution to Doomed & Stoned Latinoamerica Vol. III (which features 50 tracks of grisly doom goodness) available now via Bandcamp.

The song begins and ends with a ritual chant that sounds as if old witches are placing a hex on you. It is the perfect introduction to the foredooming sound that the band has structured together with vocalist/guitarist Aixa Lamas bluesy vocal style. The lyrics are simple and to the point (see below). It is a pleasure to hear from the band, who last put out music in 2016. Definitely give this one a spin.

All my sisters are coming

From the devils grave

All my sisters are coming

From the devils hands

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