THE BLOODIES - Horror punk, Riot Grrl, Rock N Roll from Minnesota - New EP Out Now!

The Bloodies are a four-piece punk band made of three bad-ass ladies and one dude. They hail from Minneapolis, and blend their influences of punk, horror, riot grrrl, rockabilly and glam rock all together. If we were living in 1983, they would definitely be one of those bands playing the prom in a John Hughes movie. They are an all around fun rock n roll band which sadly the world is lacking nowadays.

Luckily we do have The Bloodies in this generation to remind us that music can be a lot of fun. Song titles like "Shark Attack" and "Organ Donor" are examples of what to expect. The songwriting is good and the band really has a talent of putting melodies together. The songs are catchy and upbeat but they also have great riffs. This is pure rock n roll.

The band released it's latest EP titled The Dirty First in mid-November. Go become a fan, spread the word, help keep rock n roll alive...

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