Taína Asili of Anti-Product

Taina Asili joined hardcore punk legends Anti-Product when she was just 16 years old. She played her first show with them in March of 1995 while still in high school. Being Puerto Rican and a woman, she endured racist and homophobic abuse from some of her peers in her predominantly white school. In punk she found her outlet. Asili wrote lyrics and spoke about topics like anti-colonialism, feminism, animal rights and environmentalism. Asili also played congas and read poetry in the band.

Taina came from a very musical family. Her father was a Latin jazz musician and played the congas. Her parents put her in opera lessons when she was young and she studied musical theater until the age of 20.

Anti-Product eventually became really popular within the punk scene. They put out four albums that were distributed around the world, and toured the nation many times. They were on several human rights compilations and were regulars at punk fests that supported their favorite causes.

After eight years and four albums, the band called it quits. They played for the last time on June 22, 2002 at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley (video below).

Taina went on to become a large part of the spoken word community. In the last few years she has been a number one selling Latin music artist. She has been listed as one of the world's greatest "freedom fighters." In 2017 she released a music video that she wrote, edited and directed called No Es Mi Presidenteand premierd on Rollingstone.com on women's Day.

A current picture of Taina


Taína Asili - vocals Matt Moreno - bass Chris Lawrence - guitar/vocals Dave Knapp - drums Jake Hockel - drums April Goltz - cello

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