T-BITCH - Trans, Queer, Riot Grrrl, Glam Punk Rock from England!

I can't think of anymore more punk these days than a band made up of trans/queer rebels. T-Bitch are exactly that. I say this is so punk because even though we embrace the trans and queer community, there is still a large percentage of society who doesn't. Much like the people who just couldn't understand punk when it was new.

So T-Bitch is one of the great bands we have paving the wave nowadays and not apologizing for any of it. They remind me of a more punk version of the B52's. I don't know who is male, who is female, who identifies as what - I don't care either. It isn't important to true fans of punk and rock n roll. They are a four piece who hail from England. Their live shows look like a party that I would actually leave my house for. They dress up glam and goth and have song titles like "Riots not Diets." This summer they released their latest album, Tranarchy. Just like them, its punk, glam, riot grrrl, and fun. Something we all need a little more of these days.

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