SWARM OF FLIES - Amy Pickering (ex Fire Party) joins members of Rollins Band and Eternal Black!

If you haven't had the opportunity to be introduced to Swarm of Flies yet, let me have the pleasure. The heavy, sludge/doom supergroup is releasing their new song Wendigo and you can hear it first before Bandcamp features it on Jan 20th!

As with the two previous Swarm of Flies tracks, “Mine All Along” and “The Jaunt,” “Wendigo” is a collaboration between all the musicians involved. Wohlrob sent initial track layers to Haskett, Pickering, and frequent collaborator Davis Schlachter (End of Hope, Reign of Zaius), who then responded back with their own contributions, leading the song into new directions.

According to Wohlrob, “Once I started Swarm of Flies, I knew I wanted Chris to play on something. He’s one of the most gifted guitarists on the planet, with a truly unique style.” Wohlrob added, “I knew he would take the weird bent of the initial layers I sent and run with it.” Haskett’s guitar tracks offset the song’s initial riff, creating a twisted interplay between the two guitar parts in the left and right channels.

Pickering’s powerful vocal contributions came about in the true spirit of the project -- a happy accident. Initially, Pickering sent four different takes to Wohlrob, thinking the guitarist would pick the best bits from each and merge them into a single vocal track. According to Wohlrob, “Initially, I just dropped in all of Amy’s tracks to make sure everything lined up okay. But suddenly I was hit by four different versions of Amy, sort of having an argument with one another. It sounded so unique and powerful -- I had never heard any one layer vocals in quite that way -- so I wound up using them all together.”

“Wendigo” was mixed and mastered by Kol Marshall (“Mine All Along”) of Suburban Elvis Studios, who along with his production partner Joe Kelly, has also produced albums for Eternal Black and End of Hope. In addition, Marshall has a long list of production credits including King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Ministry, Usurper, and Absu.



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