SUZI QUATRO - The New Documentary SUZI Q: The Queen Has Come to Claim her Crown

One of my top annoyances in the world, is the lack of acknowledgment Suzi Quatro gets for her impact on music. She was one of the first, and without her you wouldn't have Joan Jett, L7, or any other bad-ass rock n roll woman. Starting out in Detroit, she and her sisters formed The Pleasure Seekers in 1964 when she was just 15. They toured, played nightclubs, and had a hit record.

Suzi eventually went to London, puts out hit albums, sold 55 millions copies, wore a leather jumpsuit (before anyone else), and became a cast member of Happy Days. Now, her story is finally being told by herself as well as the people she has influenced, her family, and The Fonz.

The movie is well-made, tells a fluid story, and touches on her regrets. Her drive to succeed had her growing up fast and becoming a trailblazer. This documentary is a must-see for any music fan but especially for women who are in music. Suzi's impact is unmeasurable and its about time she gets the credit she deserves.

The movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, Apple, and most other streaming platforms.

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