SURGE -Dublin Feminist/Queer Hardcore Punk. New Rehearsal Demo On Bandcamp!

Surge isn't a new band by any means. The four-piece hardcore punks, featuring 2 extremely bad-ass women, already have one full-length record out from 2016. They also have a split with Norway's Terrorstat and another demo from 2015. This year the band was all set to hit the studio to record their new material when the monster called Covid-19 hit. The world officially stopped in its tracks and that was especially difficult for musicians. In true punk fashion, Surge carried on. They have temporally uploaded 3 new songs that they recorded in their practice space.

Surge are feminist hardcore kids and previous songs have been about everything from being outcasted to songs about being pro-choice. The topics are great and the guitar work is serious for a punk band. I learned about their full-length album, Avalanche, in Maximumrocknroll and I highly suggest it. Very much looking forward to what else they have to say!

Photo Credit: Amber Valence

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