The punk movement in London in the late 1970's was no stranger to fashion bravery and avant-garde style. No one represented these characteristics more than Soo Lucas who we know today as Soo Catwoman. By todays standards she may look like an average punk rocker but at the time she was a true rebel. Getting her nickname by her famous hairstyle she graced covers of magazines, hung out with the most well known punks of the time, and was a common feature in movies being made about the scene.

Her trademark "Catwoman" haircut was created in an Ealing barber shop under her direction in 1976. The hair around the sides and back was severely cropped close to the head with the two sides flared up to suggest the ears of a cat. Portions of the hairstyle were dyed different colours – the flared "ears" being black and the cropped parts being bleached.

Often written she was a member of the famous "Brombly Contingent" she has denied this. She was friends with all of the members which included Billy Idol and Siouxsie Sioux. The Bomley Contingent was the name given to the Sex Pistols entourage many of which became famous themselves.

Soo declined to be featured in the Malcom McLaren film about the Sex Pistols The Great Rock N Roll Swindle. She was portrayed by actress Judy Croll. This has always angered Soo because at the time of filming, Judy was underaged and appears naked in the film. Being a mother herself, Soo always felt that Judy was taken advantage of.

Photos and likenesses of Soo Catwoman were, and remain, popular in punk rock media. She appeared in a number of punk documentaries and concert films. She now resides in London with her son Shem and daughter Dion.

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