As a young punk in the mid 1990's I was always in search for female role models and weird music. In a fluke visit to Toronto I happened upon my very first Nina Hagen record. I had no idea who she was or what she sounded like, but just seeing her I knew I had to have this album. The cover featured a sprawled out Nina with neon punk hair and a cat eye that went on for miles. She had on a snakeskin dress and the word Ekstasy was written in large neon green letters. It must have been fate because from that moment on, I was a Nina fan. Luckily her music was a mix of new wave, London punk, and electronic dance that I fell in love with. As I grew up and continued to collect vinyl, I added to my Nina collection and have never been disappointed in her music. Her style is like a punk rock alien who is never afraid to take risks. If anyone deserves to be a style icon, it is this queen. I have compiled some of my favorite images of Nina so scroll through and get inspired. And check out her music!

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