SOLICITOR - Debut Full-Length Out April 24th, Hear the First Single "Blood Revelations"!

Any fan of traditional metal, NWOBHM, speed-metal and classic metal NEED to know about Solicitor. The power vocals, the heavy riffs, the chant-alongs - its all there along with one hell of a bad-ass look. Fronted by Amy Lee Carlson, who is a style icon in her own right, she has the attitude and the vocal abilities that a band could only dream of. If there is one band that should be headlining metal festivals around the world, this is that band. Apart from the eccentricity that is Amy, the musicians in the band have solidified their rank as some of the best guitar riffs in current metal. Have you fallen in love yet?

If not, you will. The first single of their debut album from Gates of Hell Records is titled Blood Revelations and its a mad combination of Iron Maiden, Grim Reaper, and Diamond Head on steroids. The album, Spectral Devastation, will be released April 24th and if the rest of the album is as incredible as the epic five minute first single, then this is hands down album of the year. I can't wait for the world to catch on and for Amy to blow up any heavy metal male patriarchy that stands in her way. The Gods of heavy metal have spoken, the seas have parted, and we are now in the age of Solicitor.

PS) Lauren Gornik did their album artwork, which looks incredible as usual.

Instagram: @solicitor.speedmetal

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