SOAKIE - 13 Minutes of Pure, Energetic Punk Rock! New Album Out Now!

Ugh this band is awesome. Fans of Bikini Kill, Crass, and Devotchas will love this band. Hailing from New Zealand and NYC, Soakie is the international hardcore band that has made their official debut with their new self titled album. Fronting the band is the no-nonsense, high pitched, punk perfection vocalist, Summer. Her energy is chaos and everything we love about hardcore punk. Song titles such as "Nuke the Frats" and "Ditch the Rich" will tell you the type of inspiration the band is fighting against. Hardcore punk is needed right now in the world with all the bullshit we are dealing with. Soakie is the perfect band to listen to when you are ready to vote for Bernie Sanders.

Of course the amazing La Vida Es Un Mus records has released their vinyl. One of our favorite labels.

Get on this.

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