SLEAZYZ - The French Horror Glam Ghouls Releases their long awaited debut album "March of the Dead"!

If we need anything in the world right now, it's more sleazy rock n roll! Luckily, I have been a fan of France's Sleazyz for a while and can finally say their new album is coming out tomorrow! March of the Dead proves that sunset-strip pure rock n roll is still out there. With song titles like Psycho Witch or Sold My Soul to the Metal, I can assure you that the music lives up to the image.

Sleazyz is a french horror metal band originally created by songwriter Fred Dee Ceased. In 2018 Sleazyz raised from the dead with a new line up: David Ripper Smolinski (lead guitars) Pandemonium Rodriguez (rhythm guitars and background vocals) Speed (drums) and Fred Dee Ceased (lead singer and bass guitars). Sleazyz comes from metal, the 80s glam sleaze (Sunset Strip version) and the horror b-movies. Sleazyz presents a terrifying and entertaining world where monsters and creatures have a biting gaze of society. March of the dead (2020) is their first studio album.

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