SHUULAK - New 5-Track EP, Rubedo - Out Now!

If you follow the blog you already know that we love Shuulak, the nu-metal, riff-heavy band out of the Netherlands. We also love Eve Laetitia, their badass babe guitar player who we have talked about in the past. The band has just released their new EP titled Rubedo, featuring the track The Azoth II that has Eve on vocals!

The other tracks, featuring vocalist Bastiën Baron, continue the bands history of making kick-ass metal. His vocals have always reminded me of David Draiman from Disturbed (who I love...I know I know..) but that man can sing! If music was given the same spotlight that it once was, I believe Shuulak would be more well-known and Eve would be the female guitar inspiration that people deserve to know more about.

Here is to 2021, let's make it happen.

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