Shredder to Know: The Commander-In-Chief

The Commander-In-Chief is Berit Hagen, a Norwegian born classical/metal crossover self taught guitarist. Since she was 14 she has been teaching herself to master the 7 string guitar. She speaks four languages fluently and performs wearing commander costumes (hence the nickname) of which she designs herself.

She is most known for playing 7 string guitars and for having a very successful 2014 album called “2 Guitars – The Classical Crossover Album”. On that album she worked with Craig Ogden (a famous classical guitarist) and they turned classical pieces in metal/crossover music. It gained her a lot of attention in Guitar World and put her on international charts.

In 2018 she released another album called Berit, Vol 1. Showcasing not only her unique guitar skills but also her angelic operatic vocal structure. Her mother was an opera singer, so she definitely inherited her voice! Her lyrics range from semi-political to love. She prefers not to focus on being labeled a "female guitarist" and cites most of her influences are men.

Berit is also a published author with three books she wrote and illustrated. Is there anything she can't do? At age 30 there is plenty more we will be hearing from this amazing rocker.

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