Shredder to Know: SARAH LONGFIELD

Voted one of the worlds best 7 and 8 string guitarist, headlining the 2018 She Rocks awards, and having over 160,000 YouTube subscribers are just a few of the accomplishments Sarah Longfield has made in her young twentysomthing years of life.

Playing since she was 12 years old, Sarah took to the guitar after playing the piano and violin. Her first YouTube video came out when she was just 14. She admits in her younger years she aimed to be more technical metal and looked up to Necrophagist a lot. Since then she has grown so much as a player. She released her debut solo album last year, Disparity, on Season of the Mist. Since then she has been touring and teaching guitar clinics. She now compares herself to more of a "prog metal" guitarist.

Of course, being female in a male dominated industry isn't always easy and she's learned a lot along the way. She said it best when interviewed her last month:

Being a female in a genre that’s dominated by males, did you deal with sexism or harassment in the industry? You’re on the road with mostly guys.

"That’s kind of how it’s always been, with prog-metal stuff. When I was younger I was super naïve to it. Especially because, like I said, I was so weird. I had no frame of reference for how to do really anything, and I think there were a lot of people that tried to take advantage of that. People in bands would plus one me to shows and stuff because they saw a video on YouTube or something, and then I’d be like, “Oh cool, I love this band.” Then I’d go there and realize after like two hours of being there why they actually wanted me to be there. I thought they just wanted to hang out and talk about guitar stuff. Nope. [Laughs.]
They’re not all like that. I’ve met a ton of people in the industry that are super chill and are genuinely just like, “Aw man, I love what you do.” But I didn’t know how to distinguish that when I was younger. I thought everybody just had good intentions. Then you realize that’s totally not the case. Now I think it’s so much better because, A, I know, I can tell now. I have more experience with it. And, B, honestly, I have more power, so people don’t try to do that anymore because they’re scared that if they do anything, I’m gonna say something. I have an audience, so they’re a lot more respectful.
It’s not just low-hanging fruit. You meet people at the top in companies that are like that, and you’re like, “whoa!” [Laughs.] “Holy shit, you can’t be like that. That’s not cool.” But yeah, I can see it now, so it’s not a threat anymore."

Sarah, rock on girl. We can't wait to see more of you in the future!!!!!!

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