Shredder to Know: Rie Suzaku

Master guitar shredder Rie Tomimatsu, stagename Rie Suzaku, was born in1985 in Funabashi, a city located in Chiba, a prefecture of Japan located in the Kantō region and the Greater Tokyo Area. Taking many influences in her playing from bands that existed before she was even born, she has become one of the world's most exciting players to watch.

Rie has made an international name for herself just at 33 years old. She came onto the scene around 2008 but did not release any material until 2010. That year, she released the EP titled Messiah. Rie not only played guitar on it but also the bass, keyboards, and she wrote all the music and lyrics. She hired Japanese females to sing on the album. 2011 and 2012 saw two more EP's from her. She toured extensively and in 2013 she released Kingdom of the Sun, her first full-length album.

Since then she has released another album and 2 more EP's. Rie's guitar playing is a mix of classical style and thrash. She is influenced by everyone from Helloween to Nevermore. Her styles are metal, hard rock, rock-pop and prog rock. In 2017 she joined the all female Japanese rock band, RiViNi and they released a mini album.

An inspiring woman to watch, her YouTube videos have had millions of views.

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