Shredder to Know: Diamond Rowe

"There are female musicians out there that are not generally talented, but are more attractive or dress sexy," states Rowe. "More power to them — success is success — but I want you to like me because I'm good at my instrument. I've never been a girly girl." - Diamond Rowe

Diamond Rowe is the founding member and guitarist of the Atlanta, Georgia metal band Tetrarch. The band currently lives in Los Angeles and released their latest album, Freak, in 2018. Diamond states her biggest influences are Metallica, Lamb of God and Megadeth. Although the band could once be pigeonholed into being labeled "thrash", they have changed their styles each album.

Diamond started playing guitar at age 12 and was immediately drawn to more technical players like Slash and Kirk Hammett. Her influences come out when you here her playing style. She herself is a technical player which is showcased on Freak with intense riffs and blended genera's of metal. She started the band in 2007 and shares guitar duties with front man Josh Fore. Diamond has been featured in the book "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal", by Laina Dawes.

“Learn what you want to do, practice your ass off, and become better than everybody.” -Diamond Rowe, She Shreds Mag, 2007

Besides her musical talent, one of my favorite things about Diamond is that she really wants to be admired as a player and not anything else. With all the emphasis on sex selling over talent, I find this refreshing. I hope we are still talking about her and hearing new music from her for many many years to come.

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