SHE'S A PUNK: Podcast Now Available

She’s a Punk, a brand new podcast from host Siobhan Woodrow, comes out of the gate swinging on February 2nd with a five-episode launch on all major podcast platforms. This bi-weekly interview series

(, features intimate portraits of radical women who are guided by a punk

ethos. It aims to entertain and inform, while highlighting what makes these women extraordinary.

Each episode, Siobhan features an amazing woman — artist, musician, athlete, activist — all of whom have one thing in common: the punk attitude. With a rich history and a powerful legacy, punk music has been informing lives and attitudes for over 40 years, and as these women tell us their stories of struggles and successes, it’s all through that punk rock lens.

With a daily show on Southern Ontario rock radio, Siobhan has interviewed some of the biggest

names in rock, and she brings that skill and experience to her new show by getting into the

hearts and souls of her inspiring guests. But more than just a show, She’s a Punk is about

community. It’s a space to share art and ideas and where punks can come to support other


To listen to more episodes, click the Spotify link and also be on the lookout as we will feature all the new episodes from here on out.

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