Sh!tS!ck - Encouraging A Revolution Through Unity, Honesty and Understanding

Sh!tS!ck is a band made up of sisters from London who are carrying the banner bands like Crass and X-Rat Spex had paved a path for. Lyrically they are intelligent, interesting, political and at times, humorous.

Their voices sync together in harmony that almost sounds like an old school new-wave band (think The Waitresses meet Lene Lovich). They have a non commercial pop punk sound that is actually very enjoyable. Their style looks as if they just walked out of Vivienne's Westwood's Sex boutique in 1977. The best part about them however is that they actually have something to say, something to fight for, and a message to get across.

Listen to the song HOME , which is described by the band:

Home is our response to the refugee crisis. We witnessed the dispassionate patriarchal response from the British government. We called upon the ancient feminine sages to ignite in the us the strength to challenge this situation artistically.    The questions we ask throughout the song are aimed at the global leadership. Urging them to examine the separatism rife with in our wider societies. If one of us has nowhere to call home, can any of us truly be at home on this planet? We are encouraged by all revolutionary movements of the past but feel that change initiated by violence can never create lasting peace. This is why we champion the LOVEOLUTION a movement that encourages honesty, understanding and unity.

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