SERTRALINE - Post-Black Metal from Buffalo, NY - New EP Out Now

We give Shelly Muehlbauer, one of the THREE guitarist in Buffalo band Sertraline, a lot of credit. The 6-piece atmospheric post-metal band features ex-members of Where She Wept and will soon be sharing the stage with Inter Arma on September 4th. Shelly is the only female in the band and we love that she holds her own. We are excited about the second release from this band, From Both Our Hands, a 3-song EP released by Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Shelly was also previous member of Where She Wept, the cult favorite doom metal band. She was with them their entire eight years as the keyboard player. Clearly she is a multi-talented musician who is dedicated to her artistry. Buffalo is my hometown and I am proud to see so many awesome women playing heavy music. Follow the band on Facebook and take a listen below!

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