Serbia Thrash Metal: JENNER

Andjelina Mitic - Vocals Aleksandra Stamenkovic - Guitar Mina Petrovic - Bass Marija Dragicevic - Drums

Belgrade, Serbia is known for being a town spit in two halves: the old and the new. They say this because half the city is very old and a new portion was constructed during the socialist era and there is a grid of blocks to retain its Soviet feel. I bring this up because Belgrade thrash band Jenner who formed in 2013, is much like the city itself. They take old influences of thrash metal and interpret new riffs and song structures to create their own spin on the genera. Releasing a demo in 2015 and a full length in 2017 (To Live is to Suffer Infernö Records) the band is creating an international fan base. Considering how small Serbia is and that not much heavy metal surfaces from the region, these women are definitely paving the future for more bands (and women!).

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