SCAVENGER - New Vocalist Tine Callebaut Is Speed Metal's Newest Queen

Scavenger have a long history starting back to their first release in 1985. The classic Battlefields LP is considered a must-have for traditional metal fans, and the Belgium band called it quits with the death of then front-man Jan Boeken.

Fast Forward to the present. The band is back together and have added the perfect vocalist to complete their lineup. Tine Callebaut may have been born only 7 years after the bands first release, but she feels like a natural fit. The traditional speed metal band have now released their long awaited 2-track single titled Backslider. Fans of NWOBHM, traditional metal, and speed metal will be left wanting more after feeling the energy of the new music. It is the perfect music to blast with the windows down while speeding through deserted roads. It is too bad that we are under quarantine because this band is surely going to be one to see live.

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