Saira Huff: Detestation vocalist, Rosenkopf bassist,Question vocalist and Fashion Designer

The Portland Oregon anarcho-punk/crust band Detestation was mind blowing and a big part of that had to do with Saira Huff on vocals. From 1995 through 1998 she helped front the band that also featured Kelly Halliburton (bass; ex 'Defiance') and Ty Smith (drums; ex ‘Resist’). The band was around 3 short years but their live shows are stuff legends are made of. Their albums are considered a must for any fan of the crust punk genera.

Saira is worth having an article for because she has done a lot for the scene she has played a part in. Besides Detestation,she has played guitar with ATROCIOUS MADNESS (formative member ’97-’98, Portland, OR), vocals with EPIDEMIA (’98, Berlin), guitar with A MESS (formative member, ’01-’02, Minneapolis, MN), vocals with RESOLVE (formative member, ’02-’03, Minneapolis, MN), bass with FAGGOT (formative member, ’04-’09, Minneapolis, MN), vocals with QUESTION (formative member, ’06-present?, Minneapolis, MN and NYC), bass with RØSENKØPF (formative member, ’10-’12, NYC).

She has also played/recorded/toured with other bands/projects part time or fill-in: BLACK SHIT, RAPE SCENE, FUTURE BLONDE’S, MUSTALAINEN, ENCHANTED, BLOODY PHOENIX (these were all confirmed by Saira herself in MRR in December 2014).

Besides music Saira has also promoted underground shows/tours, self- released and produced fanzines (Diminutive Rage), and continues to participated in all elements of the underground sub- culture of punk.

Nowadays Saira is a dedicated fashion designer. She has a label called SHE that you can find on Instagram @shebysairahuff and She also owned a clothing store/gallery called Saira Huff’s On The Edge Of Time, in Brooklyn.

Support the underground, she is a huge example.

Photo by Justina V.

A true DIY ambassador. Saira, we are not worthy!

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