RUNEMAGICK/CHTHONIC DEITY - Classic Doom/Death Split For Lovers of Old School Death Metal

Swedish death-doom gods Runemagick have united with Colorado's Chthonic Deity for a split that deserves some more attention. Both bands feature strong women, bass player Emma Rudolfsson for Runemagick and Guitarist/Vocals Erika Osterhout for Chthonic Deity. Runemagick have been around with various hiatuses and lineup changes since the early 1990s. They have always maintained a cult following due to the consistent nature of always putting out good albums. Chthonic Deity are a newer band on the scene but they are definitely worthy of sharing a split with Runemagick. Possibly one of the best new "old school" style death-doom bands to come out in a while. They are releasing their first demo Reassembled in Pain on Halloween via Carbonized Records. Runemagick will also be releasing their new album Into Desolate Relms on October 25th. For those interested in owning the split, check out Cthonic Deity's bandcamp and also check out Parasitic Records.

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