RVBBER VVITCH - Industrial/Black Metal Mystery Woman Fetish Artist

I'd love to sit here and tell you all about Rvbber Vvitch, but there isn't much out there. From what I think I saw, she hails from London. She may or may not have ties to a fetish/rubber clothing line. She is definitely unique and she has mastered keeping her identity a mystery. Although the detective in me is partly annoyed, I am also impressed and interested to learn more.

What I do know is she has three releases on bandcamp, one of which was released this week. She has several imagry based videos on her YouTube channel. Her sound is darkwave, industrial goth with hints of black metal. She keeps her identity concealed by wearing her rubber masks. I won't pretend to know a lot about that culture although I respect it. The idea of wearing those masks makes me have anxiety but that is only because I am claustrophobic. She makes all her own music, which is more than enough to share her with all of you. Maybe we will learn more, maybe we won't. As always though, the music is the most important part. Listen below and follower her on Instagram.


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