ROUGH SPELLS - Witch n' Roll, Doom, Queer, Psych Rock from Toronto! RUINS AT MiDDAY Out Now!

Rough Spells are not a new band per say, but they are new enough that its high time they get the recognition they deserve. The Toronto four-piece creates some of the best modern day psych-doom around. During quarantine they released their new album Ruins at Midday which can only be described as perfect. From start to finish the album is a retro-occult hard rock assault. The vocals are pure Coven-esq witchy rock which are brought to life by the heavy riffs that accompany them.

Any fans of bands like Lucifer, Candlemass or Death Penalty will instantly fall in love with the band, and especially the new album.

When bands this great come along it makes me sad that the music business is as shitty as it is. If there were the 80's or even most of the 90's, Rough Spells would be all over late night MTV. Luckily, there are still a few of us out there that appreciate greatness when we hear it.

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