ROSEGARDEN FUNERAL PARTY - Goth Rock For The New Generation

Rosegarden Funeral Party was a pleasant surprise when I heard them pop up on a playlist a couple weeks ago. I was looking for something new, yet something old, something rock yet also new wave. I wanted Nina Hagen fronting the first album from Ministry. It's not EXACTLY like that, but the band does have those influences.

Lead Vocalist Leah Lane has that voice that can translate everything just by hearing it. From loss, regret, sadness or trauma - you can feel it in the music. The good thing is that it isn't music to slit your writs to. Its dance music and it is upbeat. The guitar work fits the story they are telling and I like how it is rock n roll yet it still has that new wave vibe to it.

It is worth noting that besides the music kicking ass, the aesthetic that the band has is incredibly artistic and inspiring. Everything from the costumes to the makeup is perfect. I have long said I miss artist who put effort into their look. They also self-release their music and have opened up for members of Bauhaus.

Listen below and support the band via Facebook and Bandcamp.

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