RITUAL MOON - Highly Anticipated New Full-Length from the L.A. Trio Coming January 31st!

2021 is gonna be a good year...for music at least. January 31st is the tentative release month for new music from Ritual Moon, the trio of blackened thrash, hardcore punk metal women of Los Angeles.

Unfortunately for all of you, there is no music for you to sample just yet. I was given the pleasure of hearing an advanced copy and it was a pure eargasm. The self-titled release continues the bands blend of high-energy and pure talent. Anyone who still thinks that women can't play metal (do people like that still exist?) will be eating their words. Their blend of metal reminds the listener of bands like Venom, Motörhead, and even some Impetigo. The riffs are heavy as fuck.

Ritual Moon are the level of fucks I am giving in 2021. Bring it on. Do not miss this release.



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