RID OF ME - The new Philadelphia melodic noise-punk band Low Dose's Itarya Rosenberg!

I will be the first to admit that Low Dose, Itarya Rosenberg's other project, has got to be one of my most favorite release I've ever come across. So naturally when I found out she was working on a new project, Rid Of Me, I was excited to hear what was in store. She is a natural talent that deserves to be on the cover of rock magazines and her lyrics are so relatable to us women cast as the black-sheep of society. I digress...

Rid of Me has more fuzz and Itarya's vocals are a refreshing throwback to the grunge goddesses of the 90s. The other members of the band which include fellow Low Dose member Mike McGinnis along with Ruben Polo and Mike Howard create the musical drama in which her lyrics are able to shine. As of now the band has out 3 EP's, all of limited quantities and many sold out already. I suggest heading to their bandcamp and listening to everything because, no surprise, its all great. Not sure if Low Dose is on a hiatus or not but as long as we have Itarya giving us music, we can count on it being fucking awesome.




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