RADICAL KITTEN - French Queer, Feminist, Riot Grrrl Punk. New Album Coming October 16th!

Radical Kitten are France's answer to a well-needed punk revolution. The punks are proud queer, feminist who are releasing their new album, Silence is Violence, October 16th. This will be their follow-up to the 2019 demo featuring one of my favorite songs from them titled "Say Shit (to your boss)."

Radical Kitten sing about women's' issues, hating police, and other feminist agendas that you want your punk to scream about. They have a very dance-able yet fast and sometimes hard sound which reminds me of a heavier Le Tigre. With everything going on in the world right now, I am ready for a new punk revolution. Radical Kitten have a sound that can transcend enough to the punks but also the general rock fans. This band is definitely worth the listen!



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